TheSaem Calamansi Pore Tightener 40ml

  • TheSaem  Calamansi Pore Tightener 40ml
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A pore tightening spot essence with Oil-control formula for a shine-free look.  
Vitamin C and Calamansi extract are fused together to provide a tighter adherence for enhanced moisturizing effects and intensive care of targeted skincare concerns.  
An essence of intensive pore control ingredients treats skin texture 

- The formula with Calamansi extract(100,000ppm) is used for excellent protection, control of the sebaceous glands and balanced care of oily skin. 
- Highly effective in removing any dirt or sebum lodged within and smoothes skin texture Soothing Effect with Lemon-Scented Tea Tree Oil 
- Within a very short time effectively soothes and heals skin inflammations. 

How to Use 
Apply onto targeted skincare concerns using cotton swabs or cotton pads.



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